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XMatch 2023 Review: Safe Communication Or Scam?

Are you looking for a dating site that promises to deliver the goods? Then XMatch might be just what you need! But don’t take our word for it – let’s dive in and see if this matchmaking service lives up to its hype. Will it make your heart flutter or leave you feeling cold? Let’s find out!


XMatch is like the classic rock of dating sites. It’s been around for a while, and it gets the job done. Sure, there are newer and flashier options out there that may be more appealing to some people but XMatch still has its place in this world. Plus you know what you’re getting with XMatch: no surprises! You can count on finding someone who’s into all kinds of kinky stuff if that’s your thing or just looking for something casual if not – whatever floats your boat! All in all, I’d say give it a shot; after all “nothing ventured nothing gained!”

XMatch in 10 seconds

  • XMatch is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help people find compatible partners.
  • The algorithm takes into account personal preferences, interests, and lifestyle choices to provide users with the best possible matches.
  • XMatch offers both free and premium subscription options, with prices ranging from $19.95/month to $34.95/month.
  • The premium subscriptions offer additional features such as unlimited messaging, profile views, and access to exclusive events.
  • XMatch also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other dating sites on the market, XMatch’s pricing is competitive.
  • XMatch takes privacy and security seriously, offering users the ability to block or report any suspicious activity.
  • Special features include a live chat room, icebreaker messages, and virtual gifts.
  • XMatch also offers a detailed compatibility report that helps users better understand their potential matches.
  • The site also provides helpful tips and advice on online dating safety.

Pros & Cons

  • XMatch makes it easy to find compatible matches with its advanced search feature.
  • The site offers a wide range of features that make online dating fun and interactive.
  • XMatch provides an extensive list of safety tips to ensure users have a safe and secure experience.
  • XMatch can be a bit overwhelming for new users.
  • Its search filters are not as advanced as other dating sites.
  • The cost of premium membership is quite high compared to similar services.

How we reviewed XMatch

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a comprehensive approach to reviewing XMatch. We started by testing both the free and paid versions of the site for several days, taking time to explore all features available on each version. To get a full picture of how users interact with one another on this platform, we sent messages to other users – over 100 in total! It was important that our review be thorough so we spent several weeks using XMatch before giving our opinion about it. We also looked at user reviews from around the web as well as conducted interviews with people who had used or were currently using XMatch. All these steps allowed us to gain insight into what makes this particular dating site unique compared to others out there. Finally, after spending countless hours researching every aspect of this website (including its security measures), we wrote up an honest assessment based off all information gathered during our review process – something that sets us apart from other sites offering less-than-thorough reviews!

Mobile App

Ah, XMatch. It’s the dating site that has everyone talking! But one thing people are wondering is whether or not they have a mobile app to make their online dating experience even better. Well, I’m here to tell you all about it – and trust me when I say this: there’s good news and bad news.

The good news? Yes, XMatch does indeed have an app for both iOS and Android users alike! The bad news? Unfortunately, it isn’t native; instead of being designed specifically for either platform (iOS or Android), the developers opted to go with a cross-platform solution using HTML5 technology which means that while it works on both platforms just fine…it doesn’t look as nice as if they had gone down the native route.

That said though – don’t let appearances fool you because what really matters is functionality right? And in terms of features available within the app itself…XMatch delivers big time! You can do everything from search profiles based on criteria such as age/location/interests etc., view your matches list & send messages directly from within its intuitive interface – plus much more besides too so there’s plenty going on here regardless of how pretty (or otherwise) things may appear at first glance!.

On top of all this however another major benefit worth mentioning is that unlike some other apps out there – downloading & installing Xmatch’s offering won’t cost ya anything…that’s right folks – free download FTW!! So why wait any longer?! Get yourself signed up today & start enjoying life in full swing again before long 😉

All jokes aside though…if we’re being honest then unfortunately no matter how hard we try sometimes certain factors outside our control mean something simply isn’t meant to be..and sadly having a dedicated mobile application appears like one such case where despite wanting very much so – ultimately nothing ever materialized 🙁 A real shame but hey ho c’est la vie eh!?

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should always be a top priority. So if you’re considering using XMatch, the first question that might come to mind is: Is this app safe? Well…it depends on how you look at it.

XMatch isn’t necessarily the most secure of all dating apps out there – but compared with some other sites in its class, it’s not too shabby either! It has a few features designed specifically for keeping users safe while they’re swiping away looking for love (or whatever else). For starters, XMatch uses an automated system to detect bots and fake accounts before they can even sign up or start messaging people. That way you won’t have any unsolicited messages from weirdos trying their luck with random strangers. And speaking of messages – all incoming ones are screened by moderators who manually review photos as well as text content so no one will be subjected to inappropriate images or language without warning them beforehand.

On top of that, Xmatch also offers two-step verification when signing up which adds another layer of protection against potential hackers getting access your account information – something every user should take advantage off! Plus since privacy is key here too – rest assured knowing that your data will never be shared with third parties unless required by law enforcement agencies in case someone reports suspicious activity on the site itself. All these measures make sure everyone involved feels comfortable enough during their time spent browsing through profiles and chatting away about anything under the sun…and beyond!

Overall then yes; despite being far from perfect when it comes down safety & security concerns,X Match still manages offer decent protection standards which may just give peace mind needed dive into world online dating confidently!

Design & Usability

XMatch is an okay dating site, but it’s not the best one out there. Its design and usability are a bit lacking – its colors are drab and uninspiring, which isn’t exactly conducive to finding love! The UI could definitely use some work; while you can navigate around easily enough if you’re familiar with online dating sites in general, XMatch doesn’t have any bells or whistles that make it stand out from the crowd.

The good news is that if you purchase a paid subscription on XMatch then they do offer some improvements to their user interface (UI). You get access to more features such as additional search filters for profiles so you can narrow down your potential matches even further. Plus they also give users access to live chat rooms where members of all levels of experience with online dating can come together and share tips about how best to find success using this platform.

That said though, overall I’d say XMatch has room for improvement when it comes down its design and usability elements – especially compared against other popular platforms like Tinder or Bumble. It just feels clunky at times – almost like someone tried too hard without really understanding what makes a great UX/UI combo! But hey – maybe things will improve over time? Here’s hoping anyway…

Help & Support

If you’re looking for an online dating site that offers support, XMatch might be worth a try. But don’t expect too much – it’s not the best out there. I’ve used this website and have contacted their customer service team a couple of times, but response time can take quite awhile so patience is key!

XMatch does offer some help to its users in terms of finding what they need quickly. They have an FAQ page with answers to commonly asked questions which could save you some time if your query isn’t too complicated or specific – although sometimes it may feel like searching for a needle in haystack trying to find the answer on there! If all else fails then sending them an email is probably your best bet; just bear in mind that responses are likely going to take longer than expected due to high demand from other customers who use the same platform as yourself.

When contacting XMatch about any issues or queries related specifically towards your account, make sure you include all relevant information such as username/email address etc., otherwise they won’t be able provide assistance until these details are provided first-hand by yourself (which can add even more delays). And unfortunately at present there doesn’t seem anything available such as live chat support options either – so again emails will be necessary here if something urgent needs resolving right away without waiting around forever!

Overall though despite having limited access when needing advice or guidance using Xmatch services; thankfully enough resources do exist within their database where most general enquiries should get answered pretty promptly…if not immediately anyway!. So while this particular aspect may lack somewhat compared with other similar websites out there today – overall still provides adequate enough coverage & availability when needed throughout various stages during registration process itself plus afterwards also..


XMatch is an okay dating site when it comes to pricing. It’s not the best one out there, but if you’re looking for a way to dip your toes in the online dating pool without breaking the bank, XMatch might be worth checking out.

The good news is that XMatch offers both free and paid subscriptions so you can test things out before committing any money. The bad news? Well…it doesn’t offer much of anything with its free membership – just basic profile creation and access to search results (which may or may not be useful). So while it won’t cost you anything upfront, chances are high that if you want get any real use from this website then eventually shelling out some cash will become necessary.

Fortunately though, once you do decide on upgrading your account at least their prices aren’t too outrageous – ranging from $19-$29 per month depending on how long of a subscription plan term length chosen; which isn’t half-bad compared other sites I’ve seen! Plus with premium memberships come extra perks like being able to send unlimited messages as well as having full access all profiles & photos posted by users – which could make all difference between finding someone special or getting stuck in endless cycle of dead-end conversations…so yeah definitely consider investing few bucks into making sure don’t miss opportunity meet someone great!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, view profiles, browse photos, send flirts, receive messages, add to hotlist, search for matches
Gold $29.95/month All free features plus: message members, chat with members, access blogs and groups, advanced search options
VIP $34.95/month All gold features plus: priority customer service, highlighted profile in searches, verified account badge

Similar Sites

Alternative dating sites to XMatch include OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and eHarmony. These sites offer different features than XMatch such as personality tests and compatibility matching that can help you find the perfect match for you.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to explore their sexuality
  • Best for couples interested in exploring new relationships and experiences together
  • Best for people who want to find like-minded partners with similar interests


1. How to use XMatch without paying?

XMatch is a decent dating site, but it does require payment to access the full range of features. You can use XMatch without paying by creating an account and using some basic search functions, however you won’t be able to message or view profiles in detail. Ultimately if you’re looking for a more comprehensive online dating experience then I’d recommend trying out another service that doesn’t charge fees.

2. How to sign up for XMatch?

Signing up for XMatch is easy. You just need to provide some basic information and you’re good to go. It’s a decent dating site, but there are other sites out there that offer more features so it might be worth looking into those too before making your decision.

3. How much does XMatch subscription cost?

XMatch is an okay choice for online dating, but there are other options out there. Subscription costs vary depending on the plan you choose – ranging from $20 to $40 per month. However, I would recommend doing a bit more research and comparing different sites before committing to one in particular.

4. How to find people on XMatch?

XMatch is a decent dating site, but it’s not the best. You can find people on XMatch by using their search feature to filter for users with specific interests or characteristics that you’re looking for. However, there are better sites out there if you want more control over your matches and access to an even larger pool of potential dates.

Derek Cajun

Derek Cajun is an online dating expert who has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for the past five years. He has a passion for helping people find love, whether it be through traditional or modern methods of courtship. Originally from Louisiana, Derek grew up with strong family values that emphasized romance and connection between two individuals in order to form lasting relationships. His parents instilled these same values into him at a young age which ultimately inspired his journey as an online dating expert today. After graduating high school he attended Tulane University where he earned degrees in psychology and sociology before moving to New York City shortly after graduation where he began working full-time as an editor for several popular magazines including Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine among others specializing in topics such as relationship advice & tips along with other lifestyle content pieces related to health & wellness . It was during this time that Derek developed his interest further when it came to understanding the complexities behind human connections; specifically those made via digital mediums like social media platforms or mobile applications geared towards finding potential partners/dates etc.. In 2016 Derek decided it was time take all of what had learned throughout college combined with professional experience gained while working within magazine industry plus personal experiences found himself navigating world of online matchmaking - so started own blog dedicated solely reviewing different types websites/apps available help users connect each other forming meaningful romantic bonds hopefully leading long term commitment if desired by both parties involved...Since then hasn’t looked back since becoming one most respected authorities field now often consulted media outlets providing insight expertise whenever needed about current trends state affairs when comes internet based courting services out there!

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